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The MackFlow1 is unlike any single pump we’ve seen before, but its features do remind us of several different products. Developed in Australia and debuted at Reefapalooza Orlando last weekend, the MackFlow1 is the first product from Mack Aquarium Solutions. 

One look at the MackFlow1 and it’s clear that this pump has a very different objective than your typical water mover of getting water from point A to point B – the dual outlet of this pump gets water to points B and C! But not only is there two outlets on this pump, there’s also a ‘contraption’ spanning both water outlets which is in fact a sort of motorized ball valve, designed to alternate the flow; a ‘wavemaker’ in today’s parlance. 

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The MackFlow1 has a squared off design which is nothing like the current generation of svelte rounded pumps we’re used to, but that’s because this pump has a lot of ‘junk in the trunk’, in the best way possible. Not only is there a dual output volute on the front end of the motor body, the electronics and integrated circuitry for the MackFlow1 is built inside the body. 

The MackFlow1 has built in electronics not only to make sure the pump runs smoothly, but there’s also a controller for adjusting both the pump speed and the period of the flow alternator on the outlets. The antennae or radio for wireless control of the MackFlow1 is in the flow alternator, so basically you can think this pump as having the driver built into the pump.

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Thanks Jake Adams for the great write up!

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reef builders mack aquarium solutions

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